Root-to-Crown Energy Care

A Customized Wellness Plan for your Energetic Needs.

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Here's how the plan works:


Fill out the Assessment

After purchasing your plan, you will spend about 20 minutes filling out a chakra assessment form on-line.


Chat with your Consultant

Schedule a brief session to discuss the results of your comprehensive chakra analysis and goals.


Get your Plan & Get Going

A 90-day printable plan, as well as hand-selected tools and resources are available to you in your personal portal. Check-in with your consultant by phone or video chat every 30 days.

Energy Wellness for Busy Women

Address Frustrations

Many women struggle with anxiety, weight gain, bouts of depression, frequent illness, lack of focus and chronic headaches, hoping that sooner or later these symptoms will "just go away."

Restore Balance

Energetic balance can be achieved by taking an organized, root to crown approach to self-care. The strategies are easy, but getting organized and finding the motivation to carry out the strategies is where things can get tricky. This plan will work because it's made just for you and comes with tools, resources, and accountability that will support you and keep you on track.  

Support & Accountability

You aren't just purchasing 15 page booklet that tells you what to do. You participate in the process. You decide what the plan will and will not include. And, you get support at every step. Plus, stay accountable to your goals by using helpful on-line tools and checking in along the way.

Guidance and Support at Every Step:

Root-to-Crown Assessment and Detailed Chakra Analysis Report

Learn about the current state of your energy and identify your imbalances. Download a copy of your full Chakra Analysis Report to keep for future use. CLICK HERE TO SEE A SAMPLE CHAKRA ANALYSIS REPORT.

Chakra Analysis and Goal Setting Consultations with Sara

Participate in the formation of your plan by video-conferencing with Sara to clarify your goals.

Personal On-Line Learning Portal

Hand-picked tools and resources are available to you 24/7 to help you get the most of your personlized wellness plan. Access your portal using your desktop or download an app that links you directly to your portal.

Complimentary Check-In Sessions

Check-in with Sara 30, 60, and 90 days after your plan begins. Stay accountable to your goals or make adjustements if needed.

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